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          (+86) 755-2515 6800/2515 8887/2515 2800

          call us

          +86.755-2515 6800

          Email us


          Find Us

          Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


          21 Years

          success experience

          Specializing not only worldwide import and export LCL and FCL NVOCC services, air and sea transportation service, railway transportation, but also custom clearance, transfer of custom clearance service, warehouse service, cartage service, custom brokerage service, value-added service, and etc.

          Online support

          21 Years experience

          China NVOCC

          about image

          Our achievements

          21 Years Success Experience


          Nearly 200 direct ports have been opened


          Business covers thousands of ports and inland cities around the world


          Nearly 100,000 long-term stable customers at home and abroad


          Import and export LCL volume exceeds 1 million cubic meter annually

          OUR SERVICES

          a LCL consolidation brand enterprise

          Over the past 21 years, Lucky people have set up their own branches in 18 cities in China, which can serve 200 direct ports in the world.

          Export LCL

          Direct consolidation service


          Economical and fast service

          Railway Transport

          Covering Europe, stable and fast


          Short time for customs declaration


          Multi type freight service

          Air Transport

          speed and time saving

          Contact us at here.

          Our Partners

          Cooperative Shipping Company

          Lucky Logistics Group Ltd. is cooperating with dozens of well-known shipping companies, mainly including COSCO, MAERSK, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine and CMA and so on.

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